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There is a reason some songs last a lifetime. They bring back memories. They take you on a journey. They remind you of a love you lost. They remind you of a love you have. Most of the time it is because a favourite song, selected on a Jukebox, can put a smile on your face like very few other things in life.


Known as JUKEBOX LADY, and for a very good reason, Annette’s vivid personality and clothes to match, will transport you back in time to the years when beetles were cars and a band; when a good night at the local was all you needed to end a long day; when people actually danced like no-one was watching because the music was so great you simply couldn’t help yourself.


From Doris Day to Dean Martin, Disco to Rock and Roll, JUKEBOX LADY brings to life songs that need to be sung, and leaves you wanting more. Perhaps that is why the voice of Annette Raison, with her years of experience on the road, performing thousands of songs, in hundreds of towns, with passion and sparkle, is known for giving people a night to remember.


JUKEBOX LADY sings from the heart with an honesty, a story, a sense of adventure and a twinkle in her eye that will give you the soundtrack of your life, bringing back memories and creating new ones in one evening where it is totally forgivable to lose yourself for a while.


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