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Swing and Jazz 

Click on any of the above to view a sample song list from that genre.

Audience participation goes a long way to ensure people have a fabulous time.
With this in mind
JUKEBOX LADY provides different ways for the audience to choose their tunes and be involved!

Short and Simple
Before the event date you collaborate with
JUKEBOX LADY in choosing genres that will suit your crowd, including individual songs and special dedications.

On One Hand We Have....
At specific points during the event the crowd will be given a choice between two songs. The song with the best audience response will be chosen.

Do you remember who sang this???..
Spot music quiz questions with small prizes.

In addition to the wonderful options listed
JUKEBOX LADY will be happy to dedicate songs for a special someone. Write down your request on the slips provided and a suitable song will be chosen to send just the right message! Just like the old days of Jukebox dedications. Show off your romantic side.



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