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Revisiting a bygone era these one hour shows feature a selection of songs and stories from various decades.

JUKEBOX LADY will recreate a specific decade or mood for you by combining music and anecdotes.

A truly entertaining way to spend sixty minutes!


Audience comments from Amherst Library Swinging Sixies Show:

Wow, wow and wow!
Nice get together
Great entertainer

Great memories
Please another one like this on 40's, 50's, 70's and 80's

Feedback from Maylands Library
What a fantastic show and what an amazing voice! Thankyou for keeping us so entertained throughout our journey through the 70's. Great concept, we loved it all.

Joondalup Library group loved the Fabulous Fifties show:

Fabulous loved every minute. Please do Sensational 60s

Most enjoyable session.

Vibrant. Interactive. Colourful and Dynamic. Great stories take me back in time...

1 hour of lovely music. Made the brain work

Very entertaining. The presenter had a lovely voice and a great personality
Lovely voice, sense of romance. I hope we can hear her again sometime
Loved the theme
The singer was excellent. Very good voice
Those were the days. More please



All equipment provided, access to power is all that is required.

Current PLI

Choose from the following...


'‘The Golden Age’

Do you remember when TV came out? Did you play with a hula hoop?


In the fifties the Saturday Night Dance was the place to go and Hawaiian shirts were all the rage.

Everyone was chasing the ‘Australian Dream’ and new gadgets were everywhere.


Be transported back to a time when weekends were for leisure with tunes and tidbits from that prosperous decade.


I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

The decade that changed the world forever’

War, protests, the threat of the Atom bomb and flower power.


New dances and way out fashions. Some people went to the moon on a rocket others were just spaced out.


Come and hear some of the iconic music from that decade and learn about (or relive) some of the events that affected lives at home and abroad.



'Disco reigned queen'

Hair was big! Ties were huge! Flares were in!

Paul Hogan, Graham Kennedy and Molly Meldrum ruled our tv viewing here at home.


Men wore short shorts and had chest hair they weren't afraid to show.


Come and reminice about the seventies and hear some of those unforgettable songs.



Featuring a whirlwind journey from the 1920’s to the 1970’s.


Which song was asked for 24 encores when it debuted?

Who broke the heart of Connie Francis?

What year did we ‘Shake Rattle and Roll’?


Learn more about classic hits through the decades and hear about the artists who made those songs famous.


There's something special about those singers


Nat, Dino, Doris, Frank, Pegy, Ella and more....


Voices that would soothe a savage beast and songs with words you could understand and relate to.


A very special, sophisticated show dedicated to the lives and music of those velvet toned performers known as the 'Crooners'


One hour dedicated to the subject of love. Sigh..


Songs that will tug at the heartstrings and bring back memories of the first time you lost your head!


Accompanied by stories that demonstrate the lengths some people go to for love.


A great Valentine’s Day show or just to put a little romance back in the air.


This is a very special show designed to delight audiences of a more mature age. A huge hit with the seniors crowd this interactive show uses props and costumes to help tell the story of the song.

Featuring music from yesteryear with a healthy dose of songs from the big musicals of the past. Residents will sing along and tap their feet as they stroll down memory lane.


It’s fun! It’s colourful!  It’s unforgettable!


Want a show designed especially for you?


It would be our pleasure to create a new show to cater for your specific tastes.


Whether you want more country songs or a performance celebrating Australian music, maybe some Christmas music or a combination of any of the shows above just let us know.


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